Contest Calendar

Important Dates
Team Challenge at Quail Creek Gym Jan 27, 6pm
Weigh In / Supper / Dietician presentation Feb  3, 6:30pm
Team Challenge at Quail Creek Gym Feb  7,  8am
Weigh In / Supper / Mind over Matter Feb 24, 6:30pm
Team Challenge at Quail Creek Gym Mar  7, 8am
Weigh In / Supper / Cooking Demonstration Mar 24, 6:30pm
Team Challenge at Quail Creek Gym Apr  3, 8am
Weigh In / Supper / Staying Fit for Life Apr  7, 6:30pm
FINAL Weigh In / Supper / Awards / Pics Apr 28, 6:30pm

Important Notes
Bring a favorite healthy covered dish to Weigh Ins
BLOG weekly reports by midnight Wednesdays or lose the points

5LBs. food to Foodbank for each 1LB you lose
Quail Creek Gym admission is 1 can of food



Download and print the corrected worksheet (column points line up right). Adobe Reader is required to view/print the document.  If you don't already have it click here—>. Get Adobe Reader.



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  6. Contestants who do not have computers may call their team leaders who will email results in for them or post their reports on the blog for them.

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